BluntTongs semi-weekly ‘art’ bollocks: Assorted Thread Stuff

R-Pee: I had the wonderful idea of making a punny image of the letter R surrounded by urine, due to the way ‘RP’ is pronounced. (Disclaimer: the moderator of this blog does not feel negatively toward roleplay and is not trying to insult it.)

Come on, step it up!: No comment.

Shimmer’s Dress: A little clothing design that I decided looked nice, so I pixel’d it onto a small pone to show my approval. Designed for the Moth pony Shimmer Light.

Moth pony Thread’s Shipping Analogies: Number one is the ratio of straight character shipments to ‘other’ character shipments. Two is where we “add more flavour” to the thread to attempt to balance the ratio.

Thus concludes another ‘art’ post by yours truly. Come back again next week and maybe I’ll have done some more.





mushrooms are like the fucking opposite of plants

its true… they also just kind of appear out of the ground overnight it’s wild but really pretty

Can anybody explain how in the name of satan they do this?

I’ve got some mushrooms in my yard that show up periodically especially after mowing. I keep meaning to photograph them, but every time I think of it, they’ve already died back alot.

Basically, from what I understand, the mushroom pulls in water through it’s roots (called mycelium) to expand/inflate itself through pre-formed cells that are on the bottom rim of it’s cap, hence why they’re pretty common in a wet season. This can happen overnight for some types. When they’re big enough, they release their spores and collapse, then presumably start this all over again. Mushrooms are pretty fuckin’ cool, if you ask me.



Hey, Catfood! Apparently, we’re now transphobic bros!



We need a secret handshake.

It needs to be ‘hip’ and ‘cool’!

We should cackle ominously while we wring our hands together, because we’re cishet and we hate them ‘transexuals’ so much! No one will ever guess the meaning behind it…